Susanne MiesnerFor thirty years, Susanne Miesner has been an internationally respected and successfuk trainer of horses an riders. She holds Master´s degree in riding, awarded with the Stensbeck Medal, which is only given to the top five percent in the class. She also has a Master´s degree in Agriculture. Her main trainers have been Herbert Rehbein, Fritz Tempelmann and Johann Hinnemann.

Susanne has made a name for herself in the field both practically and theoretically. With young horses, she has had numerous wins and top placings including at championships and the Bundeschampionat. Her most unforgettable ride were with Ronald, the only horse ever to receive a score of 9,5 twice in a Bundeschampionat.

Susanne has trained serveral horses to Grand Prix, an d showed them successfully, with the top placings at events such as Aachen, Devon, and the German Professional Chanpionchips, at a time when this event was dominated by men. Susanne´s experience and knowledge in correct riding and training is proven by the fact that she has been invited as a test rider for many events, including stallion testing stations, the Bundeschampionat and the Pavo Cup in the Netherlands.

Susanne is also an expert on the theoretical part of riding, and is one of the three main authors of "The Principles of Rinding" by the German National Equestrian Federation. Co-authoring this book gave her the opportunity to discuss riding and horse theory with some of the best personalities in the horse world. Susanne has been responsible for numerous books and videos for the FN-Verlag (the German Equestrian Federation´s publishing organ). She has also been a member of the testing committee of the German "Bereiters" for the past fifteen years.

In clients, speeches and seminars, Susanne Miesner has proven that the classical principles of riding are the most natural and best for the horse and will give it the best foundation for further training.